The TOCO Story
TOCO began seventeen years ago when The Shelter Shop, a thrift store that supported The Violence Prevention Center of Southwestern Illinois, burned to the ground. 
To assist, TOCO volunteers hosted a music benefit at Twin Oaks Golf Club in Carlyle, Illinois. Twin Oaks Camp Out (TOCO) raised funds for The Shelter Shop.  Volunteers decided to help aise awareness and funds for community organizations from then on. Today TOCO continues to empower children and families!   Because of the support from local citizens, artists AND musicians in the community, many of whom donate their time out of the kindness of their hearts, and folks like you who continue
to support TOCO efforts, We have been able to raise thousands of dollars to help bring education and enrichment to the public regarding the health and welfare
of families and children.  With seventeen years of service AND COUNTING, TOCO owes a huge thank you to THE MANY VOLUNTEERS and to Kim Vrooman, founder and previous first Executive Director, for her dedication and continued support throughout the
years!  Please join our mission today!

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