Textile Pantry

What if the concept of the textile pantry was as familiar as other social service concepts such as women’s’ shelters, summer camps, or food pantries.  While keeping  tons of textiles out of already saturated land fills, we start a movement across the nation to create local textile pantries providing shoes, clothing, and housewares to those who need it most in every neighborhood in every city, in every state. The pantry also serves as a major function of every reduce, reuse, recycle, or resale opportunity. Folks already recycle traditional textiles. Still, nearly all of those methods require a post-consumer waste manufacturing process to be recycled and reused. Let's skip the energy needed to chemically transform the textile, and turn to a focus on transforming the textile without fossil fuel, or coal, or any energy investment at all; aside from the key human effort it takes to transform minds into repurposing and resuing every item possible through events such as backpack outreach and Bear Necessities Supply Drive supplying holiday family wish lists.  We have the mission to teach the youth about the importance of sustainable living and the importance of reduce, reuse, recycle, RESALE.
And it starts here:
TOCO Family Nonprofit and the TOCO Shop.

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